Custom Kitchen

The kitchen is where gatherings of family take place and memories are created. With our experience in custom kitchen design and manufacturing, Primus kitchen cabinets demonstrates its real intent and unwavering devotion.

In order to better understand your practical kitchen needs, wants, and nice-to-haves as well as your particular design preferences, we first conduct an exploration session. In order to model out your kitchen’s dimensions and cabinetry as desired and to create a realistic rendering of what your finished kitchen would look like, we use our in-house full-time designer who is skilled in a variety of design software right in our showroom.

Bathroom Vanities

Each bathroom vanity is handcrafted specifically to meet your needs and preferences. Whether you choose a traditional frame-faced cabinet or a floating cabinet, we can provide the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom. We can also help you create the ideal vanity for the bathroom of your dreams. 

Custom Closets

Any room in your house can benefit from a custom wardrobe, which can also maximise the available space.

Make your ideal wardrobe a reality!

And More...

Primu’s Kitchen Cabinets may also provide office spaces and other spaces with a nice touch based on the demands and preferences of the client.

Interested in renovate your home?

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